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Inspired by the life of Angela Davis and the death of Troy Davis

Trayvon Martin's death reminds Sanford of history of racial tension

At 80 years old, the retired contractor, who is black, has lived in Sanford for most of his life, long enough to have seen its racist side, he said.

He remembers decades ago when black diners walked into restaurants and were seated apart from whites. Even now, he has watched police cars cruise through his neighborhood off Celery Avenue all night, “even though nothing was going on.”

"By the police being slow-footed to arrest someone, it demonstrates that things are different for the black community," said Vibert White, a history professor at the University of Central Florida. "They have ignited a powder keg by being slow, by being indecisive and by being arrogant by not arresting this man."

Do we really believe that if Trayvon Martin would have pulled the trigger, he would not be arrested?

—Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin’s distraught and displeased family.

"You hear a shot, a clear shot, then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life," said Natalie Jackson, another family attorney. "Then you hear a second shot." It was the first time that anyone said two shots were fired that night

—Natalie Jackson, attorney for the family of slain black teen Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin shooting: Screams, shots heard on 911 call

Family members would not comment after listening to the tapes.

"They are overwhelmed by grief at what they heard this evening," Crump said. "The last seconds of his life were in absolute fear."

The boy’s mother could only listen to about half of the recordings, Crump said. His father broke down near the end, Crump said, “and cried like a baby.”

Both lawyers characterized what they heard as “murder” and said Zimmerman should be arrested immediately and federal authorities should take over the case.

Trayvon Martin Died Begging for His Life

Trayon Martin, a young African-America male, guilty of nothing more than walking while black with a bag of skittles- was gunned down by an overzealous and racially charged neighborhood watch volunteer in a closed gate community. George Zimmerman, his murderer, who remains free of any charges, is described by neighbors as an aggressive man who has had previous negative run ins with his neighbors the law.

Zimmerman, like most racist bastards of these troubling times, claims self defense. But on 911 calls you can hear dispatchers ordering Zimmerman not to follow the 17 year old boy. Zimmerman ignored the dispatcher and with his loaded 9 millimeter, chose to follow an unarmed black kid simply returning to his father’s home in a gated community.

In the so called free country we live in today, Zimmerman assumed that Trayvon was a criminal and didn’t belong there, much like any other police officer in this great nation would. The two got into a scuffle that ended with the murder of ¬†Trayvon, just feet away from his father’s home. Trayon, who only went out to buy Skittles for his little brother, died pleading for his life. He was viciously murdered by a man who couldn’t hear his cries, who could only see his black skin.¬†

chris bilal